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  • Nature of loan- Loans to S H G Individual (Ladies).
  • Rate of interest- 0.00%.
  • Installment/Period- Monthly/2 years.
  • Details (Purpose) - Financial Stability of Poor People.

Self -help groups also know as mutual help, mutual aid, or support groups of people who provide mutual support for each other. In a self -help groups, the members share a common problem, often a common disease or addiction.

  • Nature of loan- Loans to S H G Gents & Mixed Groups.
  • Rate of interest- 4.00%.
  • Installment/Period- Monthly/2 years.
  • Details (Purpose) - Financial Stability.

Our self help groups- Bank Linkage Programme (SBPL) aims to deliver financial products & services to the section of Indian population that lacks access to formal banking. The segment, often from the lower income, meets its financial needs through informal sources such as money lenders, traders, family and friends etc. However these sources have their own limitations. The SHGs are also encouraged to take up livelihood activities, for which skill training is provided by certain NGOs. The members of the SHG are encouraged to save and internally lend the savings to members during times of need. SHGs get linked to Banks through PACS, for opening savings account and for their credit requirements.

Medium term to open SHG Loans. The SHG Loans facility is available both direct and through PACS under state Government Int subsidy scheme.

Aam Admi Insurance facility is providing to the SHG Members


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