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The Belagavi District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd; Belagavi is registered as co-operative society under Central act II of 1912. It is registration number is 2163 date 19-12-1918. It was later deemed to register under Bombay Co-op Society act and now it is deemed to be registered under Karnataka Co-operative Society Act 1959. It is address for the present shall be Old Poona-Bangalore Road, Near Central Bus Stand Belagavi. Reserve Bank Of India has issued license to our bank under bearing number is RPCD(BG)DCCB 31/2011-12 Dated 26/12/2011.

Crop loans for the cultivation/agricultural operations will be issued to members of the affiliated societies. Such loans will be issued for the cultivation of sugarcane- paddy-maize-soybean - chilies-groundnuts- banana - grapes sericulture crops to be decided by the Bank every year.

The Bank will fix the scale of finance for every crop as laid down in the crop manual with reference to the cost of cultivation of each crop and such scale shall be in force till the period decided by the board.

Taking into account the thrust areas, the Bank sanctions cash credit and term loans to the member societies for various activities such as crop production, minor Irrigation, animal husbandry, hi-tech projects, farm mechanization, marketing and processing, cooperative urban banks, urban credit societies, sugar factories, apart from the State and Central Government sponsored schemes. The total loan outstanding is to the tune of Rs. 2591.40 crores as on 31-3-2018.

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