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You need a safe place to keep your valuables

Branches offering Safe Deposit Lockers : -

You need a safe place to keep your valuables. To cater to this need, we offer you Safe Deposit Lockers at selected 27 branches. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Just choose a city from the list to find the nearest branch offering lockers.

Wide availability of lockers in various sizes and at various locations Option to avail lockers at the branch of your choice Nomination facility available.

Branch Name Branch Code Address Phone No
Athani 3090 At/post: Athani, Tq: Athani, Dist: Belagavi 7625090690
Ugra khurd 3010 At/post: Ugar Khurd, Tq: Athani, Dist: Belagavi 7625090610
Kagawad 3006 At/post: Kagawad, Tq:Athani, Dist:Belagavi 7625090606
Hirebagewadi 3020 At/post: Hirebagewadi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090620
Khade bazar 3018 At/post: Khade Bazar Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090618
City Br 3019 At/post: City Br Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090619
Tilakawadi 3025 At/post: Tilakawadi Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090624
Shahunagar 3097 At/post: Shahunagar Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090697
Mahantesh nagar 3022 At/post: Mahantesh Nagar Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090622
Rani Channamma Nagar 3102 At/post: Rani Channamma Nagr Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090702
Main Br 3093 At/post: Main Br Belagavi, Tq: Belagavi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090693
Belawadi 3013 At/post: Belawadi, Tq: Bailhongal, Dist: Belagavi 7625090613
TAPCMS Bailhongal 3100 At/post: TAPCM Bailhongal Br, Tq: Bailhongal, Dist: Belagavi 7625090700
Kittur 3012 At/post: Kittur, Tq: Bailhongal, Dist: Belagavi 7625090612
Bailhongal 3009 At/post: Bailhongal, Tq: Bailhongal, Dist: Belagavi 7625090609
Chikkodi 3035 At/post: Chikkodi, Tq: Chikkodi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090635
Ankali 3034 At/post: Ankali, Tq: Chikkodi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090634
Nippani 3043 At/post: Nippani, Tq: Chikkodi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090643
Karoshi 3116 At/post: Karoshi, Tq: Chikkodi, Dist: Belagavi 7625090716
Ghataprabha 3050 At/post: Ghataprabha, Tq: Gokak, Dist: Belagavi 7625090650
Kallolli 3049 At/post: Kalloli, Tq: Gokak, Dist: Belagavi 7625090649
Laxmi exn Gokak 3099 At/post: Laxmi Exn Br Gokak, Tq: Gokak, Dist: Belagavi 7625090699
Waderahatti 3118 At/post: Waderahatti, Tq: Gokak, Dist: Belagavi 7625090718
Hukkeri 3062 At/post: Hukkeri, Tq: Hukkeri, Dist: Belagavi 7625090662
Sankeshwar 3066 At/post: Sankeshwar, Tq: Hukkeri, Dist: Belagavi 7625090666
Yamakanamardi 3068 At/post: Yamakanamardi, Tq: Hukkeri, Dist: Belagavi 7625090668
Halasi 3028 At/post: Halasi, Tq: Khanapur, Dist: Belagavi 7625090628
Khanapur 3030 At/post: Khanapur, Tq: Khanapur, Dist: Belagavi 7625090630
Raibag 3074 At/post: Raibag, Tq: Raibag, Dist: Belagavi 7625090674
Katkol 3077 At/post: Katkol, Tq: Ramdurg, Dist: Belagavi 7625090677
Ramadurg 3078 At/post: Ramdurg, Tq: Ramdurg, Dist: Belagavi 7625090678
Savadatti 3085 At/post: Savadatti, Tq: Savadatti, Dist: Belagavi 7625090685
Yaragatti 3088 At/post: Yaragatti, Tq: Savadatti, Dist: Belagavi 7625090688
Inchal 3119 At/post: Inchal, Tq: Savadatti, Dist: Belagavi 7625090719

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