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Short term loan policy

Bank provides Short-term loans to the farmers who are Primary Agriculture Credit Societies for raising various crops. The short term credit for different crops is mainly required for various inputs viz. Fertilizers, seeds, Insecticides etc.

To provide loans to various pilot schemes declared by the state and central government and for erection Godown, for purchase Computer hardware, to initiate consumer, fertilizer and ration.

Medium Term Loans

Medium term loan finance is made by Bank for the following purposes through PACS.

  • Nature of loans- Loans to tractor, trailer and other agriculture equipments>
  • Rate of interest-3.00%
  • Installment/Period- yearly/ 5 year.

To purchase milk cattle purpose.

  • Nature of loans- purchase Cow/ Buffalo.
  • Rate of interest-3.00%.
  • Installment/Period- Monthly/ 3 year.

M T Dairy loan is also providing on state government interest subsidy scheme for purchase of Buffalo / Cow.

  • Medium term loan for purchase for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems electric motor and pipe lines.
  • Nature of loans- Purchase Electric motor and pipe lines.
  • Rate of interest-3.00%.
  • Installment/Period- yearly/ 5 year.

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