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  • Purchase of Flat
  • Construction of house
  • Takeover of Housing loan from other
  • Purchase of Plot
  • Property Mortgage (House or Plot)
Max Amount Maximum amount of 30.00 Lakh
  • Any individual (Businessman, Professional, Self-employed, Salaried person, and Agriculturist having regular source of income.)
  • Age Limit
  • Minimum 18years
  • Maximum 55 years
  • Property should be in the name of the Applicant.
  • If Applicant age is above 60 years
  • The co-applicant is necessary for housing loans. Co-applicant will mainly be spouse or son or father or Mother of the principal barrower. And in these cases the income of the co-applicant is include for calculation of eligible amount.
  • In case of Joint Agreements in Housing Loans
  • The purchasers (owners) will be the Borrowers and hence there is no need for separate Co-applicants

Eligibility as per Agreement value:

Agreement Value Loan Eligibility
Construction of house

Note: Loan amount should not exceed Rs 30.00 Lakh

75% of the estimation value or Bank value whichever is less
Property Mortgage
Note: Loan amount should not exceed Rs 40.00 Lakh
60% of the valuation in urban areas. And in Rural area maximum Rs.5.00 lakh

  1. Requirement Documents
    • Original Sale Deed/Gift Deed/Partition Deed/Relinquishment Deed
    • Records Of Rights (Property extract)
    • Nil encumbrance for 14 years
    • Building Construction Permission/Completion Certificate in case of Mortgage Loan
    • Estimation / valuation certificate in case of Mortgage Loan
    • Tax paid receipt
    • Income Proof
  2. Repayment:
    • A maximum 240 month or till the retirement age if salaried whichever is earlier.
    • In case of takeover loan maximum repayment tenure till residual tenure of earlier sanction or actual whichever is less
  3. Rate of interest:
    Interest of the amount of the loan will be applied at the prevealing rate per Annam on reducing balance.
  4. Processing charges:
    Processing charges are applied as per Bank rule along with GST
  5. Co-obligates (sureties):
    There shall be two co-obligants/ surety owing immovable property/ salaried persons, Less than the age of 55 years.
  6. Security :
    The Housing Loan shall be secured by Mortgage of un-encumbered immovable property belonging to the applicant situated within the Jurisdiction of the society.
  7. Insurance: :
    The house shall be insured comprehensively for the loan amount covering fire, flood, earthquake, etc. in the joint name of bank & borrower. Premium of the insurance shall be paid by the borrower.


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