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Loan scheme for Government - Seamy Government, Corporate and Co-operative Society Institutions employees can avail this loan.


  1. Application for Salary loans from the members shall be accepted subject to the condition that.
    i.He/she shall become a nominal member of the bank. 
    ii.The Branch Manager shall be satisfied about the eligibility, repaying capacity, stability, security and purpose of loan. 

  2. Eligibility Criteria:
    1. The borrower service and residing only in Belagavi District is eligible for the loan.
    2. All Government and Seamy Government employees, and Co- operative Institutions is eligible for the loan.
    3. Minimum age of Applicant 21 Years.
    4. Maximum age of Applicant at loan 60 Years.

  3. Purpose:
    1. personal/Domestic Max limit up to 2.00 Lakhs only.

  4. Income Criteria:
    Minimum net take Home salary should be not less than 50% of the Gross Salary at the time of applying for loan after meeting the installment for the proposed loan. To this effect, salary Certificate is to be produced as an evidence and should be kept along with loan application.

  5. Repayment: 36 Months.

  6. Rate of Interest:
    The rate of interest shall be as decided by the Board from time to time subject to the directives of the Reserve Bank of India. Rate of Interest 13.00% per annum.

  7. Salient features:
    (i).Longest repayment tenure (3 Years) .
    (ii). Interest calculated on Reducing Balance.

  8. Limit:
    (i).Up to Rs. 2,00,000/-.

  9. Processing Charges:
    1.00% of the loan amount.

  10. Securities:
    LIC Policy, Postal Life Insurance Policy Should be for last 4 Years (Latest Premium paid Receipts) and Deposit Receipts.

  11. The applicant shall furnish following document.(As per KYC):

    1. Proof of Identity: Latest Photo Copy, Identity proof, Residence proof (pan Card & Adar Card) of the Applicant and Guarantors.

    2. Income Proof: salary slip for last 3 months.

    3. Bank nominal members: Both the applicant and surety provider should be nominal members and Savings Bank Account Holder of the bank.

    4. Undertaking Latter from Pay Drawing authority (Signature of the competent authority with seal).

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